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Eco Touch Ai1 Geo

Eco Touch Ai1 Geo

Performance scope of 6 kW -18 kW


Completely high-end yet economically effective. The stylish EcoTouch range boasts some of the highest performance figures around, at work with the latest control technology the Ai1 will fit seamlessly into any home with the choice of high-gloss white or stainless steel optic housing designs. 

Control like a smartphone the touch-display with intuitive EasyCon software is a real innovation. In this way operation is child's play. The Ai1 is connected to the Internet by the web interface and can be controlled while you are on the move. Allowing for the temperature of your home to be just right or when you return. 

One of the worlds most effective heat pumps, the powerful Ai1 boasts an energy saving power reserve of up to 18kW next to no noise emissions due to an innovative vibration damper silencer, resulting in almost silent operation. 



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600 x 1993 x 633mm



Eco Touch DS 5018 Ai

Performance range of 6 kW -18 kW

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Equipment dimensions: (WxHxD)

600 x 1470 x 633mm


Eco Touch DS5027 Ai


Performance range 6 kW -26 kW


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Equipment dimensions: (WxHxD)

750 x 1470 x 611 mm


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