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Basic Line Ai1 Geo

Basic Line Ai1 Geo 

Performance range 5 – 13 kW


The advantages of a geothermal system. The Ai1 Geo provides heat in the winter, cooling in the summer, and hot water year round. Energy from the ground means: very good efficiency, low operating costs and almost silent operation.

Suitable for every living room. The slender unit requires only little space. With the attractive design you can integrate it ideally into your living area.

Despite the sleek stylish design The Basic Line Ai1 Geo is a robust unit that will give you many years of pleasure and efficient cost effective living.  The Ai1 Geo offers a perfect solution for cost-conscious clients the  "All in One" system provides all the heating functions you need for your home, and is the complete renewable central heating system.



W x H x D = 600 x 1850 x 650


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