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Basic Line

Basic Line Ai1 Air Split

High-end heat pump


6 kW to 12 kW Heating Capacity

The air/water source heat pump has a split design with indoor and outdoor unit. Both modules are exactly matched to each other. As a result excellent performance figures are achieved, both units are therefore built to the same exacting standards. Robust and durable built for hard continuous usage at -15 °C, the outdoor unit achieves the best efficiency figures. Mature technology and high-quality components ensure reliable operation for decades. Proven by the lasting of some of Waterkottes original products functioning reliably after 40 years. 

Air-conditioner function included. The indoor unit impresses with a modern controller. Along with the heating function and hot water supply, it also has a cooling module. The air-conditioner for hot summer days is delivered at the same time. Unlike conventional systems these heat pumps emmit next to no noise and are totally water and weather resistant. 


Hhh (1) 

Dimensions interior unit W x H x D

in mm: 600 x 1850 x 650

Dimensions outdoor unit W x H x D

in mm: 1250 x1200 x 400

Basic Line BM 7010 - Monoblock

Performance Range 6 - 12 kW


The newly developed Basic Line BM 7010 was designed as a compact air source heat pump for outdoor installation. The Monoblock is suitable for heating and cooling low-energy buildings. Due to the infinitely variable adjustment of the power it impresses with high performance. Even at outdoor temperatures of -15°C, flow temperatures of 55° C are possible.    

Efficient and powerful, thanks to the inverter-controlled compressor, the BM 7010 operates extremely energy-efficiently.. Control technology of your choice Basic Line BM 7010 |The outdoor unit contains all the heat pump technology. Only the wall-mounted control module BM Mod 5010 or, optionally, the innovative hydraulic module BM Hyd 5010 is installed in the building.

The high-quality housing has special noise insulation. In this way the noise emissions are reduced to a minimum. The outdoor unit can be installed quickly and straightforwardly. The installer does not need to be a qualified refrigeration specialist.




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