Heat Pumps
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National Network of Registered Installers


National Network of Registered Installers

Waterkotte GmbH has been a pioneer of heat pumps since 1969 and has unrivalled technical understanding of the technology, and the design and installation process. Strong Energy Ltd have the exclusive UK market distribution rights for Waterkotte held exclusive UK market distribution rights for Hargassner and Binder biomass boilers (under our Wood Energy Ltd brand) for the last decade; these highly-respected German and Austrian manufacturers have over 120,000 boilers and heat pumps installed worldwide.




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We were the only UK supplier of these technologies. The unprecedented growth in the market has provided an opportunity for suitable companies to become our Registered Installation Partners.

As an early installation partner, you will have a unique opportunity to compete on more than just installation price by offering your customers high-quality, tried and tested technology that sets you apart from other installers. We also provide you with leads and marketing support to help you generate business, sophisticated pricing tools to automate the quoting process and a dedicated in-house technical support team to help you with any assistance you may need.