Heat Pumps
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Heat Pump Feasibility

Getting the right heat pump heating system is about much more than just choosing a good quality product. Naturally, it requires a thorough understanding of heat pump technology, as well as general heating and plumbing systems. 

Ultimately though, the solution needs to make good economic sense for the client and this often means striking a delicate balance between energy demand, project costs, fuel costs and incentives.




When choosing a heat pump heating system, it is important that you make sure that your provider explains the economics to you in detail so you are confident that, as well as getting the right technology, in the right place, and that the numbers stack up for  you.

Regardless of the size and nature of a heat pump heating project, our technical experts undertake a thorough feasibility of each site. They need to consider a number of parameters in order to make the right system recommendation. 

These include:

  • Understanding your current heating and plumbing system
  • Defining the best solution between ground source, water source, air source or perhaps even biomass 
  • Understanding your heat demand at different periods throughout the year
  • Understanding your current energy costs
  • Determining whether your heat demand is best met by 100% heat pump heating or by heat pump heating as part of a broader solution
  • Defining how the heat pump will work with and communicate with your heating system, particularly where there are back-up fossil fuel boilers on site
  • Understanding how much control or interaction you want with the system
  • Accommodating any future building developments you may be considering


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