Heat Pumps
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Who We Are

Waterkotte UK head up a growing market for heat-pumps across the nation. Heat-pumps are one of the cleanest and most economical energy systems, stemming from the ground, the air and groundwater. We are proud to hold sole distribution rights in the UK for Waterkotte's market leading technology. Having been active in the industry for over 45 years on top of the experience of installing over 1000 units in the UK alone, Waterkotte have a proven track record within renewable technologies.

Heat pumps extract the thermal energy stored there and convert it to a temperature suitable for heating. It is only necessary to use a small amount of electricity to operate a heat pump.

The expense is approx. 20 - 25 % of the thermal energy obtained. Meaning that 80 % of the necessary thermal energy can be obtained free of charge from nature.

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Our experience

Waterkotte have successful supplied and installed over 1000 heat-pump systems in the UK and Ireland and have over 40 years of high-level expertise in the field. Some of the original batch of heat-pumps installed are still in use and have been running strong for over 30 years.

Our reputation for quality and commitment to our clients

We provide a nationwide after-sales service to support our projects for the 20 year life of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).  This is essential for optimum performance of the heat-pump system to maximise the RHI revenue for our customers.

Our continued success depends on the people who use our services and work with us, and it is our mission to create long term and valued relationships with every customer. Furthermore, we are absolutely committed to high levels of customer satisfaction and we have the skilled engineers and operating procedures to deliver this.