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WATERKOTTE - Trailblazer in heat pump technology
In 1969 Klemens Waterkotte was the first to develop and install a heat pump in Germany. He was therefore a pioneer and trailblazer for a new technology. To make his ground-breaking invention useful for others he founded a company that bears his name today. Klemens Waterkotte was always looking for the best technical solution and the most efficient system.
WATERKOTTE heat pumps should meet the highest quality standards. These basic principles apply just as much today as back then.

 Waterkotte Factory


Heat pump technology

Heat pumps allow you to harness heat, which exists in the ground, water or atmosphere, and convert it to heating and cooling processes, without the need for oil and gas.

Opting for heat pumps has been proved to reduce your cost of heating a home or small commercial property by around 70% in comparison to conventional heating systems. Output is unaffected by weather or outside temperature, and has been proven to be far more durable that conventional systems, some of which that were installed 40 years ago are still going strong.


Unrivalled technical expertise

We are an engineering-led organization with significant experience of designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining large and complex heat-pump systems across practically every industry, as well as domestic and small commercial heat-pump systems. This has equipped us with the ability to understand client requirements in detail and therefore ensure that you have the right technology, in the right place, and that every consideration is made in ensuring that your system is as efficient and as robust as possible.


Exclusive access to advanced technology

We hold the sole UK distribution rights for that of Waterkotte with regards the heat-pump technologies who have lead renewable systems in Germany for over 40 years.

Solutions for new buildings and retrofit

The solutions we offer are tailored for each client and suitable for both new construction projects and replacement of existing boilers. The heat-pump correct and most efficent heat pump solution will be found for you. 




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